Re: [Usability] copied from cd => read-only

On 12/23/05, Kovacs Baldvin <baldvin cs elte hu> wrote:
> Hi List!
> My users complained a couple of times, so here it is:
> When they use a default gnome desktop, and copy some files
> (maybe recursively hundreds) from a cd to a folder then
> the files become read-only. (Technically: they'll have
> a 444 mode).
> This is a very bad default. Sometimes it is ok, for example
> movies, but a lot of times these are .doc files. And my users
> are absolutely non-technical, so right click, properties,
> etc. is way more than they'd do before calling support.

I happen to agree with this. Was there a rationale choice behind this
or is this a bug?


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