[Usability] Better look Re: (no subject)

jnoreiko yahoo com (2005-12-13 at 1104.40 +0000):
> --- Josue Farde <josuefrade sapo pt> wrote:
> > to make it more
> > friendly and
> > aceptable to everybody there is a need to change the
> > graphics. They look
> > old and 'taky', for the user to have a better
> > feelling when using gnome,
> > gnome needs to to heve a more modern look.
> To be usable, controls do need to be clear, simple to
> understand, and easy to read.
> I think that the current default on my distro
> (Ubuntu's 'Human' theme) and the GNOME default
> 'Clearlooks' both do this very well.

Themes can change icons (or even remove to make the UI cleaner), draw
scrollbars differently, etc but not change the look in a deeper way,
like serious layout changes.

My take is that sometimes there would be less confusion if things were
shown in a more pleasing way. And yes, I know the HIG puts examples to
demostrate how the proposed style is better (vs a crappy old one, no
idea if real or faked for the occassion, but so bad that anything has
to look better). It also covers nice ways to put text in dialogs and
so on. That does not mean it could not be changed to make it better.
The unbalance to the left side and the expansion of things to edges
always looked strange to me in dialogs, sometimes even disturbing.

I think there was at least one person lurking around here that was
focused in the visual layout issues. Let's see if him or others are
still interested.


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