Re: [Usability] Escape Closing Dialog

--- Calum Benson <Calum Benson Sun COM> wrote:
> Well, one reason to care is that Close and Cancel
> buttons do the
> complete opposite of each other (keep my changes vs.
> discard my
> changes), 

But they don't do the opposite.

If there is a Close button, then the changes in the
dialog have already been applied.
Close just means 'Close this dialog so I can go back
to what I was doing'.
'Keep my changes' is 'OK'.

If a dialog with a Close button needed a button to
discard changes, (Eg, Desktop Background, which
changes immediately), it should be labelled 'Revert'.

We have two models here that shouldn't mix:

* OK & Cancel for dialogs which either apply or
discard on exit.
* Close for dialogs which apply immediately. (With an
optional Revert)

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