Re: [Usability] dragging documents/document windows

On Tue, 2005-04-19 at 09:55 -0700, Rob Adams wrote:
> There was brief talk about adding something to the WM spec about that,
> so a drag handle could be put onto the WM frame. Bit tricky though,
> especially when you start worrying about remote applications.

There was also a suggestion to add the drag handle on the right of the
menubar (can't find it right now). I liked that a lot, because this
space is commonly available, so every document based application could
add it without too much trouble (unlike a path button thingy in the
statusbar) and unlike a drag handle in the titlebar, we could easily
implement it without any WM spec magic. It might also be more
On the downside, it would basically duplicate the document icon in case
there already is one on the WM theme, that might look a little odd...
And obviously it would become problematic should we ever adopt a global
menubar. But it might still be the most practicable solution.

Another approach might be to turn the Nautilus path button into a more
generic widget. This would have the added benefit of allowing the user
to easily open any parent folder of the document. This would be very
GNOME-dependent though, so even if we'd do this, we'd probably still
have a need for a more generic solution.
Daniel Borgmann <daniel borgmann gmail com>

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