Re: [Usability] Re: on gconf-edit

Reinout van Schouwen wrote:

On Wed, 13 Oct 2004, Maciej Katafiasz wrote:

[3] As much I respect Epi guys' dedication to newest-and-greatest in
GNOME and very strict UI rules, I think in case of Epi "simple" has
gotten too far, and was actually "dumbed down", rendering Epi unusable
for me. <holy_war kind="browser"> Man, I *really* wish Galeon team had
enough manpower to make it as integrated as Epi is, and Galeon be made
default browser, and relieve world of hunger and poverty :) </holy_war>

Well, since you asked for it :-)

a) How can "simple" ever go too far, and why do you claim Epiphany is "dumbed down"?

b) Have you checked out epiphany-extensions, and does it leave any of your power-user needs unfilled?

Does epiphany have any use now that we have firefox? It seems a little duplicate efforts now!?


Christian Schneider

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