[Usability] Maxi-/minimizing a pane, gThumb continued


Like stated before, I think gThumb's Image 'mode' should be 
about maxi-/minimizing the image view pane.
Therefore I propose to place an icon (a diagonaly upward 
arrow) in the top right corner of the image pane. In  
maximized state, the icon would show an arrow in the 
opposite direction.
I should be seen as an extension of the window icons/buttons.

Now does anything like this already exist in a Gnome app?
Any input on this is welcome.

For avoiding the feel of modality, changing the toolbar 
is out of question. I've thought about splitting it up, 
so that all 3 parts could have their own toolbar. But 
that would be inefficient in layout and would look complicated.

I think the toolbar should contain and be organized like this:

1st level navigation (Folders/Catalogues):
- Back
- Forward
- Up
- Home

(Folders/Catalogues buttons can be removed by applying one of 
the previously mentioned solutions)

2nd level navigation (thumbnails)
- Previous
- Next

- Search (it's global, but it would look strange to place it 
before navigation)

Single image level:
- Categories
- Comments
- Image data
(No Comments and Image data in the image pane header. Better concentrate  
on image viewing there)
  View options:
  - Slideshow
  - Fullscreen 
  - In
  - Out
  - 1:1
  - Fit

No Print, Save or edit stuff, because there is not that much space, and 
putting everything on the toolbar doesn't make sense.

Thorsten Wilms

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