Re: [Usability] Metacity Proposal: Grouping Windows


> Any more comments, questions, or ideas? Keep em coming!

Your mockup gave a crazy idea. But maybe it's not that bad...

How about having moving the applications menu / launchers from the main
panel to a "workspace panel" ? When you open your GNOME session, you
would have Nautilus' desktop, a "workspace manager" and the "actions"
menu in one panel. The "workspace" manager would be like the current
task list but would only show available "workspaces" (Here, a workspace
is what you call the parent window, which contains the sub-windows). And
in the "actions" menu, you would have a "new workspace" entry.

Clicking on "new workspace" would create an empty window containing a
panel. This panel would contain a text entry for you to specify a name
(by default it would be "workspace #x"), the "applications" menu, a few
launchers icons and a task list to manage sub-windows (similar to the
current task-list).

This way, each "workspace" would be like a desktop on its own.

Actually, the only difference with the way it is currently is that each
workspace would be in its own window and could be managed like any

Does anyone understand what I mean ? Do I need to create a mockup ? Am I
on drugs ?

Julien Olivier <julo altern org>

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