Re: [Usability] A few ideas to improve searches in Rhythmbox

On Pr, 2004-07-26 at 11:14 +0200, Julien Olivier wrote:
> Hi
> Here are a few ideas I submitted to
> ( about Rhythmbox, but
> never got any comment. So I decided to forward them here, hoping that it
> could get more attention:

In both cases one solution would help:

If search field is used together with album/artist filters, display a
small warning bar at the top of search results, saying:
"You have entered search criteria while some filters were active. Search
the whole library.", where "Search..." string is a link which unsets the
filters and executes the search. In second case display similar warning
with different text, and clear the search field when link is clicked.

This way the behavior would not change at all, allow people to search
the old way and also make it possible to quickly correct their mistake. 

Warning bar is used in Microsoft Outlook for various mail display
options, Mozilla Thunderbird for junk mail, yet unreleased IE 6 in SP2
and Mozilla Firefox nightlies for blocked popups & installs. See section "Information bar" for screenshots.


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