[Usability] Suggestion for GNOME/GTK API

Good afternoon (here in Brazil) to all

I am writing because it would like to give a suggestion, but do not know
if here it is the correct place...: -)

At last: It would like some changes in the window to open or to annex an
archive, for example, in the window of evolution (or another writing in

If I to want to click on an archive and to type the first letter of it,
for I locate it, I I do not obtain

If I to want to command the archive for date, I I do not obtain

If I to want to type the way of the directory and to give to enter not
to click with mouse, it I speak that the archive does not exist and of
next time that I to enter in the screen it in the folder that I typed...

Sorry by bad english, ok?

Brazilian Regard's
Tiago Cruz
Org. King de Contab. S/C Ltda.
Linux User # 282636
Mandrake Linux i18n Team

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