Re: [Usability] RE: Suggestion for the actual UI of GTK+'s New FileSelector

Murray Cumming Comneon com wrote:
Hmm, as I recall, Nautilus at least remembered icon/list view per-folder. Dunno about zoom. Ideally, the file selector would honor these options completely.

I'm not following this whole thread, but ... I hope you aren't suggesting
that the file selector should switch between icon and list views as you
navigate to a folder, depending on the Nautilus setting for that folder. The
file selector is not the Nautilus file manager.

From a usability perpective, let me play devil's advocate for a minute.

Is this last bit - about the file selector not doing this because it "is not the Nautilus file manager" - really the right REASON for saying that the file selector should not do the suggested behavior?

I would say no. Not that I necessarily think that the file selector SHOULD do this view switch thing (that I am undecided on).

Rather, the decision on whether it does this should be based on usability. Basically, I think the real important question to evaluate is: Would the user expect the file selector to switch between icon and list views for folders in accordance to the current Nautilus setting?

If the answer to this question is YES, then I suggest that this enhancement should be made (when release schedules allow, that is).

I would also then suggest that rather than this being a Nautilus setting, it is a Gnome setting and should be stored somewhere appropriate.

(Just my two cents...)

Paul Joseph Thompson
captbunzo squirrelmail org
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ICQ Number: 38801719

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