Re: [Usability] A battery applet...

> Oh, so your (cordless) mouse can report its battery state? Yes, in that
> case, yep. It should show all those weird batteries as separate, but
> whatever batteries are used together (two laptop batteries for example)
> should just be combined together, and it should simply show them all
> then, to avoid the need to set things up manually.
Yeah, my mouse can (and it is because of this fact I started the whole story:).
So, we are talking about several indicators, generally speaking: PDA
battery status, wireless mouse (keyboard) battery status, UPS status,
laptop battery(es) status (ok, unified) etc. In this regard, we'll
need automatic icon choosing depending on the device type, won't we?

> I guess some kind of a "gnome hal-thingy daemon" could take care of
> that? However, I am not a coder and I wont attempt to be one, so someone
> who knows the technicals can probably come up with a better idea.
So, this question is hanging in the air, so far. At the moment I do
not know any gnome hal-related daemon which would be represented on
the panel...


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