RE: [Usability] Nautilus UI enhancement feature request

> From: Eugenia Loli-Queru [mailto:eloli hotmail com] 
> Hello,
> please someone add an arrow looking down in the drop-down button named
> "Information" in Nautilus' sidepanel. See the "Information" 
> button on the
> nautilus screenshot here: 
> > (on the
> window that 
> says "network:///)
> This "Information" is just not clear enough that it is a 
> drop-down menu (it
> is easily mistaken for a button or simply an unclickable 
> header). Please add
> that arrow or something equivelant to show more clearly what it is.

That makes sense to me. Sounds like something for bugzilla.

> Another Nautilus feature request: Can someone please patch 
> Nautilus to let
> us move its two toolbars side-by-side instead of one on top 
> of the other? I
> like to have vertical screen estate on my desktop, as my 
> monitors are 4:3.
> ;-)
> And maybe the option to take out the word "Location" which 
> takes so much
> space...

Again, bugzilla unless you want to have a big discussion about it here

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net
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