[Usability] Re: Standardizing Find and Replace - 2nd pass

Gregory Merchan wrote:
I have a solution I like much more than my last one.

One of the complaints about Find and Replace has been that getting rid
of the window is harder than it could be. The Escape key is only supposed
to get you out of a mode, it's not an all-purpose window closer.
Yet Cancel isn't really appropriate. Once something is found, how could
you possible cancel finding it?

Well, you could stop looking. And that's the solution I have.

Stop doesn't feel right to me. "Stop" feels like "computer, stop all that processing you're doing", not "I'm going to stop finding things now, please go away". My first reaction when I see that stop button is that it's something the user should be pressing when the computer is taking too long to find the next match, and he/she doesn't want to wait for it any longer.

If there absolutely must be some sort of button to close the window, what was wrong with naming it close?

I'd vote for removing the "close window" button altogether.

The options are not present for just "Find". It should proceed quickly
enough as a wrapping, partial-word, case-insensitive match, that fiddling
with the options would only slow down the user.

Just curious -- did you consider including a "previous" button? It's useful for the instances where you pressed "find next" one too many times, and need to go back by a match.

"Find and Replace" is more delicate because it changes the document,
so options are allowed to fine-tune the operation. If there were no options
here, then the user would have to frequently "Find Next" and carefully
"Replace". Here, the options can make the operation faster.

*Applause* Keeping the options in the find-and-replace dialog and removing them in the find dialog strikes me as like a great idea, for the reasons you listed.

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