[Usability]Gnome - Control Center And More

I think gnome is great but'
The Control Center is awful
i cant do anything in the Control Center
 if i want to enable hebrew in Gnome This is a difficult task
 need to chose the right fonts then add a terrible applet called GKB
then i need to add hebrew keymap
take for example windows this time
all i need to do in windows is just to enter the control panal then double click on
Regional and language options
then chose from the list the hebrew langauge and thats it
Whats more easy and simple?
all the hebrew users complain about this subject so somebody even wrote a guide
i hope u will had a new item to the control center called internationazion
another thing is :

1) Xchat - The main gnome irc software
needs a new look,the colors there are awful.
2)Better BiDi Support In Editing
one problem with the BiDi Support in Gtk is that there isnt an
Combination keys that change the direction (In Win - Crtl And Shift)
thanks for all
hope this subject will be fixed soon

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