Re: [Usability]User Object Simplification?

Reinout van Schouwen wrote:
On section 3.2, Links versus Real Objects:

Association of object deletion with the removal of programs will require
interaction with the tools the distro vendor supplies for that purpose. Of
course, we could think about an approach where dragging a launcher to the
Trash opens $GNORPM and trashing a data file just does the usual thing...
not sure if this inconsistency offsets the usability gain though.

It doesn't necessarily have to be complex to remove an
application. A simple solution (i.e. how Windows used to
work), would be to register a "uninstall command" when
the application is installed. Each distro would then be
free to register its own commands. An uninstall would
only be a question of su-ing and exec-ing.

But then again, nice integration and progress bars
wouldn't be guaranteed... :-(

Between "links" and "real objects" there is I the "shadows" concept from
IBM's Workplace Shell (the win95 shortcuts were a bad attempt to copy
this). A shadow is a representation of the real object, with the same
context menu etc. A change to a shadow is a change to the real object and
vice versa. Except that deleting a shadow doesn't delete the real object.
Shadows could be identified by a different color/style of their icon
title. IMO shadows are preferable above "links to an executable".

Ah! Me likes this idea. Seems like a nice improvement to
the current launchers.


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