Re: [Usability]Pointer shape in terminals

> I agree about the recognition of the I-beam, but we could also ask
> whether it was ever a good design in the first place. Maybe it would be
> best to change it more subtly. I assume the active point is at its
> centre, so perhaps it could be indicated by having something like a
> little loop or notch there.

I think the reason it's an I-beam is that it's supposed to be easier to select
text: you put the top of the beam above the text, the bottom below, and you
drag the vertical part across.  Just the other day I was playing on a friend's
MacOS X (mmmmmm) and it had an interesting thing that might be the answer to
your problems: the I-beam cursor had a small line through the center, making
the middle almost a crosshair (actually it was a little curved, so it looked a
bit like }{ squeezed to overlapping).  Wish I could find a screenshot.  Anyway,
it helped identify the active point, and I think something like that would be
acceptable as a default to help everyone (unless it's considered just added
visual clutter).
Adam Lopresto (adam cec wustl edu)

That which does not kill me can only make me stranger.

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