Re: [Usability]Nautilus Preference Proposal (screenshots too!!!!)

A quick disclaimer, I know I'm not a member of the usability team or a
disclaimer, but I am a loudmouth :) 

You mention confusion over the term "scripts" in the UI, maybe this
isn't the place to ask, but as a new gnome 2 user I have found the
scripts concept rather confusing. In particular, there seems to be no
good way of figuring out what is a script and what isn't, and it seems
that this is a purely technical distinction rather than an UI one.

Would it not make more sense to have scripts intelligently add options
to the context menu, a la Explorer/Konqui? In particular, this needs
looking at as the script menu is generated from a folder with shell
scripts, which means when I install file roller it looks like
"" - I manually renamed mine, but i18n and a11y
issues rear their head. Perhaps .desktop files would be better here?

thanks -mike

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