[Usability]Brief suggestion for GUP - an "FAQ"

Oftentimes people forgetful or new to GNOME or GUP will raise an issue which
has been discussed at length in the past and settled. The final outcome
of such discussions can be found in the HIG or code, but the reasons are
usually hidden in the mailing list archives which are rarely searched.
Sometimes decisions are made on IRC as well.

An old example:
  "Should the Help menu be right-aligned?"  I raised this when I became
involved with GUP (which then was the UI Hit Squad or gnome-gui-list).
More than a year later while looking through the archives for something
else, I found the same issue had been settled a week or so prior.

A recent example:
  "Directories v. Folders"  I'm pretty sure I've seen this come up more
than twice before.

It would be useful to have an "FAQ" (or perhaps FSI - Frequently Settled
Issues) page. Inquisitors could be pointed to it, and it could be used
to raise issues again given new data or detection of error. Dates of or
links to old discussions would be helpful.

The administrivia section of the FAQ might recommend a format for bringing
to the list new data or detected error. The rest could be divided along
the same lines as the HIG. Dates of or links to old discussions would be

I've not the time to write it.

Greg Merchan

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