[Usability]transient tooltips by hyperlink

Hi all,

	It would be good to have a transient tooltip for an hyper link
to use ala MS windows help browser anywhere in a text area.

I remember something like this in Apple MacOS too, but my recalls are
confuse in both MS and Apple product, so I give my propose.

This tips should appear when clicked the link and could contain a link
itself for launching some application. An example could be an alert
dialog where is write:

"there is a new release of your favorite program. This message is due
to your <link>setting on program Tiabot</link>. Do you want to download and
<link>install</link> it?"

where link tag should have some element fields that indicates what
transient-tooltip has to be shown on click event.

On click event is shown a smoke-tooltip that could contain a link
itself refering to an help section, for example, or to a program to
launch, etc.

I think this is an idea to elaborate in order to make a more easily
and accessible interface, resulting in a more productive environment.

(take the tag's name 'link' as an example)

I failed to find a propose like this in mailing list archive, nor I
know if GNOME2/GTK2 include this stuff, I hope that's already inside
it though.


ps.: I'm not subscribed to this mailing list. I'll follow discussion
on archive, if you want more info about my idea feel free to email me
directly at crxop_at_tiscali.it . Thanks.

pps.: I think tiabot (There Is AnyBody Out There) is a GNOME missing
application (panel applet) which: run in background, check for new
release of the some application, alert user for an upgrade and ask
confirm, download in background at a setted maximum consumed band
(optionally stop and continue download between connection section),
and install the new program after authentication. I think this is
better than the ximian product Red Carpet, but I'm not sure about
that. (being a Debian user I don't like red things in application's
name, though i don't like Red Carpet for other reasons). But this is
of topic here, of course. (hey, feel free to stole my idea, cause as
soon you understand and like it, it's became your idea, though i like
to know it and see it as free software ... also I'm not so sure I can
claim is purely a _my_ idea)

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