Re: [Usability]Name the font option

On Wed, Jul 24, 2002 at 12:05:41AM -0400, Owen Taylor wrote:
> Adding another option to the font properties capplet,
> need opinions on the name:
>  Terminal font    
>  Monospace font  - What Mozilla uses, (the CSS name)
>  Monospaced font 
>  Fixed width font - what KDE uses
>  Typewriter font
> The initial use is gnome-terminal, but it should effect
> about anywhere that a monospace font is used.
> I sort of like "Terminal" just because it is concrete
> and refers to something definite.

I like Terminal too, but I just checked on a Win98 box and there seems to
be a font with that name. 

I think of serif fonts when I see typewriter, and how many people know what
a typewriter is anymore?

Mono* look like asking for (user head space) conflict with the MonoType font
and Ximian Mono. 

Two other descriptions are "plain text font" in MSIE and "console font"
as in the Lucida Console font.

I guess I concur with KDE on this one. "Fixed width font" best describes 
the kind of font, instead of a suggested use (terminal), something invisible
(spacing), or some archane origin (typewriter). It's also the name of that
mysterious font whose absence will prevent X from starting.

Greg Merchan

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