Re: [Usability] instant-apply issue

Markus Bertheau <twanger bluetwanger de> writes:

> On Mon, 2002-01-14 at 07:37, George wrote:
> > > Overall: the situation will hardly ever arise, and when it does it's a
> > > tossup whether updating the dialog widgets is even nice UI, and doing
> > > this adds a ton of bug-prone code. So my guess is that from a
> > > practical standpoint trying to do this will just be visible to users
> > > in the form of bugs rather than features.
> > 
> > PonG, PonG, PonG, PonG!
> I didn't know PonG. Looks great. I'd really love to have it for GNOME 2.

Me too (despite it's dependency on gob)

I think it would be interesting to look into getting this into
libgnomeui for GNOME 2.2.  It's too late to be part of the 'supported'
platform for GNOME 2.0, but if we spend time getting it working, it'll
be in good shape for the next release.


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