[Usability] EVMS GTK application critique request

Hello y'all,

A few months ago I tested the waters in this mailing list to see if I
could get help in improving a UI I am working on for a new volume
management system for Linux. Calum and others seemed agreeable. 

We have now started a beta and I have for the most part provided the
function we needed from the GUI.

There is plenty to read and do before getting started with the GUI. I
would ask that anyone willing to help critique the evmsgui first go to
our project page at http://sourceforge.net/projects/evms and read the
FAQ and HOW-TO in the documents section for a thorough background on
what the project is all about; its architecture, terminology, examples,

In short, we are a volume management system somewhat similar to Linux
LVM but with many more features (RAID, partition management, snapshot,
bad block relocation, AIX, OS/2 and Linux LVM, in-kernel discovery, and
more). We also have four UIs written -- ncurses, command line, GTK+ and
a suite of utilities that emulate the LVM utilties.

I am only asking that someone help critique the GTK+ UI as it will be
the premier UI. Our target audience at the moment are system
administrators that are accustomed to other volume management utilities.

I am more than glad to work with anyone on this list to help them get a
system setup with EVMS or answer questions on the architecture. I will
also try to hang out on the #usability channel.

Kindest regards,

Luciano Chavez

lnx1138 us ibm com          

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