Re: [Usability] Re: Suggestion from LT

On  8 Feb, Bruce Ingalls wrote:
>  Build an About Box component. 
>  What appears is the Apropos from the man page. 
>  To the left of the Apropos description, is one of those detail  
>  triangles, or a drop down button. 
>  Click it, and the remainder of the man page appears. 

Neat!  Especially the fact that it ties together man pages with online
help, so any improvement to the man page flows through to the
application, independently of the application.

I guess the component could even do some version checking, if the
develoepr chose to worry about that.

>  BTW, <url: > is so hip, it still beats gnome help. 

Wish they had screenshots there.  I loved the UI when it was written in
Tk3, but felt that the usability dropped when it got updated to
Tk4/Tcl7, all those years ago.  I confess that I then simply stopped
using it. :-(

I should download and try the current one, which may have been improved
since then!


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