[Usability] A bunch of UI issues

Since we are having so much fun with the select-on-focus issue, I
thought I'd post all the outstanding bugs for 2.0.0 that are essentially
"decide about a UI issue". (Excluding keynav bugs and some menu issues.)

[ If you are replying about only one issue, or a heated discussion comes
  up about one issue, please separate it out and change the subject
  line. ]


 51027 patch to change scroll behavior from half page to full page

  (Actually, a full page minus a line)

 53223 need to make text in GtkFontSel's "preview" translatable

  Translation is probably good in the short term. XP has a sort
  of neat feature where it figures out the scripts the font
  supports and you can select canned previews for any of those
  scripts. (But you can't edit the preview text, which I think
  is bad.)

 58389 'Active area' for GtkRange

  Implementation of cancellation by moving away from the scrollbar
  a sufficient distance.

 58392 Opaque resizing for paned widgets

  Since opaque window resize is pretty universal, it probably makes
  sense to do it here. (And it looks a lot better than opaque
  window resize since it is all in one process.) Only question
  is whether we need a setting to turn it off for slow machines.
  Probably we can skip that until we get complaints, and if
  we get complaints, we can dig the code out of CVS.

 58605 Allow Delete as a keybinding

  (For changeable menus). I think the current plan is to be
  very liberal with accelerator changing with the idea that
  we'll allow global locking to deal with the confusion issue.

 59600 Motif-like Ctrl+Clicks on scrollbars are very desirable

  Request to add control-click on the arrows to go to the end; 
  right now 

 59707 Need keynav for selectable labels.

  Question here is how to handle focusing a selectable label;
  the code to implement keynav is there? Should they be in
  the tab chain? 

  (Would require some special code in GtkMessageBox to avoid 
  the label typically getting the focus when they come up,
  and might be a bit confusing in general.)

 60590 Keyboard shortcuts displayed in menus should be translated

  Translation of Control/Shift/etc in menus.

 67649 Patch for UI issues with range widgets
  Main controversial request is to change things so right click
  reverses the direction of action for all mouse bindings. 
  I don't think this is a good idea, but maybe a reverse direction
  modifier could be snuck in?


 68938 GtkDialog's separator should be removed

 69569 OK/Cancel stock items shouldn't have menmonics?

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