Re: [Usability]GNOME-SEARCH-TOOL: Comment Request

On Mon, Aug 12, 2002 at 09:38:20PM -0700, Dennis Cranston wrote:
>    The gnome-search-tool available search options:
>            File is not named
>            File name matches regular expression
>            Last time file was modified
>            File is empty
>            File contains text
>            File is owned by user
>            File is owned by group
>            File is owned by invalid user or group
>            Do not search mounted filesystems
>            Search follows symbolic links
> I have reworded many of these options.  Also, I have removed the 'Process
> folder contents depth first' option.  It was a legacy option from the GNOME
> 1.4 version.  I don't see a reason to keep it, because the search results
> can be ordered by name, folder, size, type, and date.

I must say the option menu and Add button confused me for a moment. After
I realized what it would do, I wondered why all of the options wouldn't
be listed and just enabled or disabled. Then I realized you might want to
use one more than once. Now I don't know whether the enabled options are
joined with AND or OR.

The first field indicates that more than one file name can be listed.
How is that field interpreted? Are comma separated values allowed or expected?
How are quotes, ampersand, and whitespace treated? Web search engines allow
contraints like '+', '-', and 'site:'; how are thing like that treated?

If I can list more than one name in the first field, can I not do the same
in the additional fields? If so, why would I use any contraint more than

I think this needs to be looked at from what the non-UNIX user perspective
and then the middle and backend need to be beat about until it works.
Right now it seems to go the other way.

Greg Merchan

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