Re: [Usability]Eugenia's UI review/mockup

Ok, here is the latest mockup that I did tonight. This one is _much_ more
improved than the one found on the article.
Please check it out:
Some remarks:
1. The File menu is there just for "show" purposes, just to see how it would
look like if it was actually needed in a window.
2. I have now applied that 1-pixel rounding to all widgets, at all of their
places. Looks really nice, and not way too roundish. A nice compromise /me
thinks. :)
3. The buttons are a bit smaller now, but still logically large.
4. I changed the "Installed Themes:" to "Apply a theme:", which is more
correct, as it is about doing an action and not just browsing the themes
available (why would someone want to browse them if not to try them?).
5. I added two more tabs, just to show the tabs bolded, that look pretty
good this way, IMHO. :) Of course, the boldness should also be applied for
any group header, not just for the tabs.
6. The fact that the window manager changed to a BeOS look-alike, does not
mean that the actual widget theme is beos alike, because it is not. I could
only wish BeOS was looking like it.. ;-)
7. The little "help icon" need redesign to specifically render correctly as
16x16 or whatever it tries to render as in a button. It looks like it is
resized on the fly from 32x32, and it does not look very crisp... It can be
done better. :)
8. All widgets should have the same color border. For example, the buttons
and the tab views have this brownish color as border, while the font
preferences group header and the "installed themes" list view have it as
9. Unselected/Inactive tabs render their text only one pixel down of the
font found in the selected tab. Overall, tabs are 3 pixels smaller in each
way than the selected tab.

Whoever makes for me that GTK+ theme to work nicely, with the color
differentiations, nice widgets and a nice window manager as shown in the
shot, gets a lemon cake, baked by me (I just hope you live in the Bay Area).


Editor-in-Chief at

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