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On Wednesday, July 31, 2002, at 09:39 PM, Havoc Pennington wrote:

Nils Pedersen <n p sun com> writes:
Now I'm not really sure what 5% of the desktop market Havoc was
talking about, so this is where things get hypothetical...

I suppose this is off-topic, but just to toss out an opinion, I think
it's a 5% where:

 a) they are real desktop users - i.e. usability and desktop features
    are relevant to them - i.e. not techie/workstation users; otherwise
    you're "cheating" and not really making progress.

 b) they don't need third-party native GUI ISV apps, just some
    web-based apps or Java stuff, plus the things we can already offer
    such as Mozilla, office apps, Evolution. (but they probably need
    to work in a mostly-Windows company.)

 c) they have a system administrator managing their desktop machine
    for them

Very hypothetical, though, indeed.


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I used to be the system administrator for the 2nd largest advertising agency in the world with many employees around the world; close to 20,000 or so desktops, servers the whole 9 yds.

What I found was that most of the users aren't as stupid as people make them seem. They might not understand something but they are usually quick to pick up on a methodology; some of them are slower than others. I agree with A.. as well as B and I'm really happy B has been addressed for the most part with opensource software.

I disagree with C; it's just not a feasible idea. In a small company yes; however 10 people or so gets a little bit sticky to just take care of there desktops for them, especially with Windows. There are ideas I've shot to this list over a couple of years regarding what I feel is the importance of allowing the user to handle simple things they can handle already on a windows system; ways to make things easier for the system administrator that haven't been incorporated into gnome but have been incorporated into OS X. The Menu System, the movement of data between programs etc etc have all been addressed in OS X infact if I find the stuff that I rambled about I'll send links it almost as if apple ripped it, I'm sure they didn't but anyway these are just tiny things that I think gnome misses shooting for some other goal. It's the tiny details that gnome misses in usability.

-Christopher Warner

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