[Usability]Re: applets tooltip's does not appear ...

"Deepa Natarajan" <deepa natarajan wipro com> writes:
> The cdplayer applet is now key navigable. Each button in the applet
> receives focus. So the applet as a whole does not receive focus, thus
> pressing Ctrl+F1 does not launch the applets tooltip. 
> The tooltip is seen if the mouse is used. But not through keyboard. So
> there is no way a person will know what applet s[he] has reached.
> This is the same case now for mini-commander applet. 
> IMHO this appears to be a serious issue. I am trying to investigate how
> to go about it. If someone has an idea please let me know.

You can have a container that takes focus itself and also allows its
children to be focused. I'm trying to think of a simple example in GTK
but I'm not coming up with one... maybe GtkPaned does this? 
I guess GtkTextView does also in principle, but I think it's broken.

There's a "focus" method on GtkWidget you have to override to make
this happen.


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