RE: [Usability]Re: An alternative proposal for instant-apply vs. non-instant-apply

> Michael Rogers wrote:
> > 
> > In all dialogs, changes that have not yet been applied should be
> > highlighted. (The widget should remain in the 
> 'changed'/'dirty' state
> > until the changes are applied.) 
> I've seen this work quite well in some situations before; generally it
> involved turning the unapplied controls' text labels red until the
> change was applied.  Might be worth considering.
> Cheeri,
> Calum.

I like this but what about an even stronger signal? What about an other
format/style on instant apply dialogs?

1) Non-instant dialogs marks options yet to be applied as red or something
2) Non-instant dialogs have other window handles than instant dialogs
3) Buttons are alligned vertically along right edge for instant dialogs
4) Different background color, ie instant apply have application color
   - Motif had different colors colors in dialogs and main windows

Personally I don't like to mix design and interaction but..


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