Re: [Usability] SM UI plan

On 19Oct2001 02:01AM (-0500), Gregory Merchan wrote:
> >
> > > I think we can do better than this and make session management
> > > transparent.
> > 
> > While I'm willing to be shown empirical evidence, it isn't what I want
> > in my desktop, and when we accidentally turned this on during a recent
> > Red Hat beta cycle, we got a lot of complaints. So I'm doubtful that
> > it's what people want.
> I hope constant autosave wouldn't be necessary. Part of what I mean by
> transparency is that the user never has to save the session; if the user
> does nothing directly affecting the session, then what he has when he logs
> in is exactly what he had when he last logged out - modulo any thing which
> occured between requesting a log out and the actual log out, such as saving
> files from application shutdown prompts.

It turns out that most people don't like always having their
applications come back on login.
 - Maciej

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