[Usability] Minutes of the GNOME Usability Project Team Meeting (October 17, 2001)

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Minutes of the GNOME Usability Project Team Meeting (October 17, 2001)

Present (well those who "spoke"):
   Seth Nickell          seth,  
   Nils Pedersen	 Gnils, (chair/minutes) 
   Kenny Graunke         Dekar
   Adam Elman            adam, 
   Calum Benson          calum,  
   Suzanna Smith         suz, 
   Kevin Vandersloot     kevinv
   Gregory Merchan       auspex,
   Brian Crescimanno     darksheer, DS_laptop
   Reinout van Schouwen  huey_
   Colin Z Robertson     colin_zr

1) Agenda

   a) Status of must-fix list for GNOME 2.0
   b) GNOME HIG Status
   c) Future Vision post G2

2) Status of must-fix list

Actions from 10/3/01 Meeting

Action: (all list owners) Go through lists and make sure
all issues are critical for GNOME 2.0. Update list and
bugs to reflect critical issues.

a) Panel/Menus: Nils said he and Seth are tracking 
current panel/menu development activities. Have not 
reduced the # of critical issues.

b) Nautilus: Not Done - Adam volunteered himself and
Seth to go through the Nautilus list: He and Seth will 
post a proposal to usability gnome

c) CC:  Seth is working with Chema from Ximian to go
through the CC bugs/issues

d) Log In/Out: Kevinv reported that the issues had been
pared down and bugs filed.

3) GNOME HIG Status

Adam gave the meeting an update on HIG status

An IRC meeting was held 10/11/01 to go through feedback,
however, that proved to be sub optimal.

It was decided that reviews be posted to the HIG list

3-4 reviews have been posted so far - the deadline is

suz, seth, colin_zr & nils promised to get their
reviews in by 10/18/01  

There is an HIG meeting to go over the feedback 10/22/01

Another release of the HIG is expected to be released
around the end of the month. This time the audience will
be broader, for example, usability and gnome-hackers.

Gregory has also been working on a simple applications which
demonstrates adherence to the HIG. It can be found at:


4) GNOME Futures/Vision

Seth proposed that we start thinking more strategically,
instead of tactically reacting to the current state

a) Start Protoyping

b) Develop an idea how the whole desktop fits together

Nils thought the problem was bigger than GNOME and that
we should be talking to open office, mozilla, gimp, and 
other major apps.

Adam proposed we create some User Scenarios focusing on
2-3yrs in the future.

ACTION: seth, adam, huey_, suz, nils: come up with some
straw man 2-3yrs out user scenarios, by next GUP meeting


Wednesday Oct 31, 19:00 UTC
irc.gnome.org, #usability

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