[Usability] Re: Keyboard navigation- outstanding issues


> > > Will people ever want to set "allow_tabs" to TRUE for GtkEntry widgets
> > > or allow_tabs to FALSE for GtkText widgets?
> >
> > I will leave it to Calum to justify them.
> Thanks a bunch  :)
> Trawling through the recent debate we had over the past few days, we
> concluded that it's unlikely that anybody would ever need to enter a tab
> character in a GtkEntry widget, but not impossible.  (E.g. there are
> text fields in the M$ Visual Studio menu designer GUI where you have to
> type \t to sepearate the menu title from its accelerator-- not a great
> example, admittedly, but an example of where you *might* want to be able
> to type a Tab character instead).

Tab-completion in filename fields is pretty much must-have.

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