Re: Shortcuts (was: Accelerator and terminology guides?)

Jeff Waugh wrote:
> > So moving around shortcuts is not something I think we should do. I
> > think we should re-use standards from other environments where possible.
> This does not make sense within the Unix environment. GNOME is a Unix
> desktop environment.

But is it Unix first, or desktop first? Unix doesn't have standard
keybindings, so why not use the keybindings that are standard in other
desktop environments, and are familiar to many users?

Is there anybody out there who is going to expect Ctrl-S and Ctrl-Q to
perform flow control on a web browser? No. Is there anybody out there
who is going to expect them to mean 'Save' and 'Quit'? Yes, hundreds of
thousands of people.

> There is absolutely no
> reason for GNOME to blindly adopt the keybindings of a completely different
> environment when it makes little sense within GNOME's primary working
> environment: Unix and X.

Neither Unix nor X has standard key bindings.


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