The TnyForgetPassFunc thing, the TnyGetPassFunc and key ring services

I now know what it's used for. You can check out the camel API reference documentation for more information, I will soon also add the same documentation to the tinymail API reference documentation.

When the E-Mail service, for whatever reason, didn't accept the username/password combination, the TnyForgetPassFunc function will be called.

It can be used to let a key-ring service 'forget' the password. The TnyGetPassFunc will be called again, assuming the TnyForgetPassFunc has cleared it. So most key-ring services will ask the user to create a new password (because the TnyForgetPassFunc has cleared that entry).

I will adapt the tinymail infrastructure in such a way that it will work with gnome key ring. And I will implement this in libtinymail-gnome-desktop for the gnome key ring infrastructure.

This means that the TnyPasswordDialog type will probably get removed, as the gnome key ring infrastructure already provides something like this.

At this moment will tinymail crash if you fill in an incorrect password. This is because of GtkDialog->run issues, I think. Once replaced with an implementation for a real password-service, this problem should no longer exist.

The gnome keyring API can be generated by checking out its sources and ./ --enable-gtk-doc && make; cd reference; firefox html/index.html. You can find the sources here:

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