Re: Async asking for folders

On Thu, 2006-05-04 at 13:14 +0200, Philip Van Hoof wrote:
> I added one async method to the TnyMsgFolderIface type:
> The refresh_headers_async method. This method (if implemented) will
> launch a thread which will refresh the headers by asking the server for
> new information (synchronization with the IMAP server).

If implemented this method will also (have to) cancel previous requests
if the IMAP provider library does not allow simultaneous connections
with one IMAP service. Camel does not allow this and will therefore
spinlock upon that event.

Therefore it's necessary to cancel the last "get headers" operation. For
example the user got tired of waiting for the headers of a specific
folder and now rapidly clicked a new folder: this basically means the
user is more interested in the currently clicked folder than the
previous clicked folder. Therefore the system should cancel the last

I implemented this vaguely in tinymail, but it's not working yet. It
looks like I don't understand this undocumented CamelOperation stuff of
Camel. Feel free to assist me (not that I hope this will happen, so
meanwhile I'm trying to figure out how it works myself).

Anyway, for now the ui will not block .. but tinymail will not yet
immediately display the last-clicked folder. It will go folder by
folder. So if the user gets pissed and starts clicking a lot folders,
tinymail will just spend more time trying to get all once-clicked
folders displayed. This is not the correct behaviour, I know.

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