The AUTHORS file has been updated

Hi there,

Credits are extremely important. Every smallest contribution is actually
a huge contribution: the most important part of contributing is that it
fuels me and other people and makes them believe developing the idea is
worth the effort. 

The very reason why somebody puts his time in even a small contribution,
means that the project is worth doing that. This by itself is a form of
contributing to the spirit behind the project.

Large contributions are of course even greater. Such contributions even
make a real difference technically. They might even open the eyes and
mind of the maintainer. In this case that's me. Which is a great
achievement and good for the project's health.

In my opinion are therefore credits extremely important. People are
allowed and should feel proud about their work and contribution. Pride
should be a key reason for contributing to tinymail. For me (and this is
indeed subjective), pride is what makes the real important changes in
this world. Earning money is what brings food on the table and makes it
more easy to have an environment where a professional can work on things
that will make himself (or herself) proud.

Pride, however, is what makes sure people care about the project. It's
what makes the finishing touches happen. It's make makes the difference
between "very good" and "naah, but it's okay" happen.

I would like to make sure I mention every contributor in a clear way in
both the ChangeLog and the AUTHORS file. I will also list everybody and
every company who's interested in making money with tinymail and wants
to be on it, on the support page of With and/or without
references to the AUTHORS and ChangeLog file.

That's why I decided to update the AUTHORS file. I know it's not easy
for a contributor to add his name to that file, as it might look like
pushing your credits. And I'm not going to require contributors to do
that when sending a patch (whereas I do require them to update the
ChangeLog file, as that file isn't as intrusive). But I will try to keep
the AUTHORS file very up to date.

Please do tell me about your or somebody elses contributions if your or
he isn't in that file. It's not because you (or he) isn't allowed to be
in that file. It's because I'm the asshole that forgot about it.

If I worded something wrong by updating it, if you want to be removed or
if I forgot to mention something important in it ... let me know!

Philip Van Hoof, software developer at x-tend 
home: me at pvanhoof dot be 
gnome: pvanhoof at gnome dot org 
work: vanhoof at x-tend dot be -

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