Re: [system-tools] reload xml element from the backend


On Wed, 2005-03-16 at 23:52 +0100, Guillaume Desmottes wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm writing a patch for ubuntu to give the possibility for the user to
> install (with synaptic) samba and/or NFS when he launch shares-admin and
> none of these services are installed.
> To do this, i need to "reload" 2 values from the backend.
> Indeed, after the installation of samba (or nfs)
> gst_xml_element_get_boolean (root, "smbinstalled")
> return again false (i suppose these values are loaded at the init of the
> program from the backennd).

Unfortunately, you can't just extract just a couple of values (ATM),
you'd have to reload all the configuration (when the tool starts, it
does --get to the backend, getting the whole XML), so you could make
something like:

tool->config = gst_tool_run_directive (tool, NULL, "get", NULL);

But this would replace any change done with the old config, so you might
do 2 things:

1) Store the possibly modified config in an auxiliar xmlDocPtr for
mixing both of them after installing the package
2) Just update the "smbinstalled" tag with gst_xml_element_set_boolean()
if you know whether it was installed correctly :)

I'm very sorry that there isn't a better method for doing this, I'm
already working in a solution


> I'm not familiar with the backend (and Perl in general) so, i would like
> to know how to solve this problem.
> Thanks a lot :)
> 	Guillaume
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