Re: [system-tools] reg network activate/deactivate


Quoting Kirti <kirtisinha students iiit net>:

> hi,
> i want to discuss the annoying behaviour of network-admin when the
> devices fail to come up. There is a bug report also on bugzilla
> u try to activate a
> device and it doesn't come up due to some reason the chkbox is
> automatically unchecked. i don't know whether this is the way it's
> supposed to behave or not but i find it very annoying. There should be
> simple error msg for the devices which do not come up and a button on
> which the user can click to get the detail error msg.
> Kirti

Maybe it's related to the problem I reported here? [1] it doesn´t has to do with
the GUI, but when the network devices fail to com up.


I would love to see this fixed ;)

Juan Luis Baptiste

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