[Setup-tool-hackers] gnome system tools

I really really want to see some of the gnome-setup-tools in GNOME 2.6, for
stuff like Time, Users, and Network.

But I'm concerned that not enough people are using them yet. It isn't
new-module-proposing time, but I hope that talking about it earlier will
make it easier to approve them when the time comes.

Please do try to use them and report bugs to bugzilla:

By the way, it is the job of a module maintainer to propose a new module for
GNOME, but I know that the maintainer wants gnome-system-tools in GNOME 2.6.
They might have made it into 2.4 if they had not been proposed so late.

Murray Cumming
setup-tool-hackers maillist  -  setup-tool-hackers@lists.ximian.com

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