[Setup-tool-hackers] 2.4: System Tools - Please try them

> From: Carlos Garnacho [mailto:garnacho@tuxerver.net] 
> > 1. What's the relationship between gnome-system-tools and 
> gnome-network?
> > Should they be combined?

OK, so now it's clear that gnome-network is completely different and that
the maintainer is no longer proposing it for 2.4. Let's forget about
gnome-network for now.

> > 4. Is anybody still suggesting these for GNOME 2.4. Why not exactly?
> I'm still suggesting gst for 2.4, but I just didn't want to start by
> myself the discussion :-P, that should be done by people, not by the
> maintainer :-)

Dude, you've got to promote your own stuff if nobody else will. Personally I
thought that even the maintainer didn't want this in 2.4, so I just ignored
this until now. It's a bit late, but let's try to move this along. If these
things work well then let's try to get them into 2.4. I think lots of people
think they are a good idea.

So, people need to try them out _now_ and start the criticism. The GEP 11
end date is June 2nd - 4 days from now.
(The releases there seem to be a bit old, so please make new ones quickly if

Without discussion, I don't see how they can be approved for 2.4. The
release-team won't make a decision for you, it just does what the community
seems to want.

Murray Cumming

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