Re: [Setup-tool-hackers] gnome-network on gentoo and plugins.

Hi andy!

first of all, sorry for the delay, I need to be much more disciplined
answering mails :-((

El mar, 19-08-2003 a las 18:54, Andy Kilner escribió:
> Fellow hackers,
> I have recently been employed to work on a network configuration tool
> for a client initially on RedHat and then on Gentoo GNU/Linux. This
> required separating the logic into front and back ends in a manor
> similar to the approach for gnome-system-tools. I am hoping to get
> support of my client to port my gentoo backend code over to this
> project, if not and time allows I'll do it anyway :). The intention was
> eventually to release my own code under the (L)GPL but it isn't quite
> mature enough yet, and this project makes it pretty much obsolete.
> Having looked at the current code, the HACKING file mentions python
> backends are allowed but I haven't seen any examples of how this would
> be achieved as part of an existing perl backend (network stuff),
> although rewriting in perl isn't out of the question (it probably needs
> it anyway).

hmmm, unfortunately, I doubt that we could get the perl backend working
with python functions :-(, at least, in a professional way ;-)

> My own system was based on the RedHat config tools, without actually
> sharing any code with them, but used their idea of plugins for network
> devices. My client requires this functionality but I don't see an easy
> way of doing this with gnome-network.

hmmm, true, the frontend/backend structure of the GST makes this
functionality much more difficult, the heavy weight of this issue should
be in the backends, but the frontends need to understand the XML,

> I'm sure there's more questions I wanted to ask but this is probably
> enough to gauge if I can get involved. I would like to be able to help
> on the gentoo port.

great!! It would be great if you helped porting the GST to gentoo :-),
for the 0.28 release I'd like to focus on supporting more distros/OS, so
your help is nowadays greatly appreciated :-P


> Cheers.
> -andy
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