[Setup-tool-hackers] generating and running a configure script ina subdirectory?


I'm the author of KNetworkConf, a tool to configure the network settings
under KDE. You can find more info in http://knetworkconf.sf.net

I'm using the Gnome System Tools (gst) Network backend to do the distro
abstraction stuff. The KNetworkConf version that uses this backend is 
ready now,
but I'm having some trouble in integrating this backend into KNetworkConf,
so someone that wants to use my app, doesn't have to have gst installed (or
gnome at all). I know very little about autoconf and friends, so everything
I'm trying to do here could be stupid.

The problem is the following:

As I have seen, all of the scripts use a variable called somthing like 
this variable has the path where the backends where installed. This
value is figured out by a configure.in file that is in the gst backend
subdirectory (the one I'm trying to integrate with KNetworkConf) and I
suppose it is replaced in the perl scripts somehow when configure is run.
I added the line AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS(backends) to my main
configure.in.in file. so the configure.in gets called when running
./configure (right???). When ./configure is run, when it tries to run
configure.in in the backends subdir, I get this error:

configuring in backemds
running /bin/sh admin/configure  --prefix /usr/local/kde --srcdir=.
admin/configure: admin/configure: No such file or directory
configure: error: admin/configure failed for backends

Why it tries to look for a admin/configure file if in kde-common isn't
one (also I even don't have a admin dir in backends)?
What I'm doing wrong? or what I'm missing?

Or in what other way I can figure out the value of ___scriptsdir___ ?

Juan Luis Baptiste

PD: Please CC to me, beacuse for a strange reason, I never see the mails 
a write to the list.

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