Re: [Setup-tool-hackers] GrubConf

Hi joseph!

El s?, 12-04-2003 a las 02:15, Joseph Monti escribió:
> Hi,
> I am the project manager for a project called GrubConf -- a Gnome-based
> GRUB configuration tool. I was recently made aware of this project and
> that one of your tools configures GRUB. 

I am Carlos Garnacho, the GST maintainer, sorry for not answering your
mails, I've been quite busy the last weeks :-(((

> I wanted to see if we could combine efforts as there's no sense in us
> working independently on the same goal.

I am really excited of the idea of collaborating with you :-), I've been
having a look at grubconf and I must say that it looks great, it has
features that aren't still in boot-admin (and should be), but (IMO)
boot-admin has a wider look, It aims to configure Grub and LILO (and
should configure Yaboot too), so we should talk a bit deeper about how
to combine efforts, what's your idea about this? :-)


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