Re: [Setup-tool-hackers] gnome-system-tools module in cvs.

El jue, 29-08-2002 a las 18:35, Vinay Pawar escribió:
> Wasn't able to find a gnome-system-tools module.
> carlos in #gst suggested that it's still called
> x-s-t. Shouldn't this be fixed.

yes, we're on this, the module is still called ximian-setup-tools, I
think that on the next release we'll change the module name (as well as
the bugzilla module, the ftp name...)

> BTW, If anyone needs any help with maintaing the
> gst website .. just yell! I can HTML, PHP/MySQL
> and GIMP.

Mmmm, personally, I'll consider your proposal :D, thank you very much.


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