[Setup-tool-hackers] Article about XST on Linux Magazine

I just found an article on Linux Magazine about XST. The article is two and a half pages long, talks very good about XST and Ximian GNOME in general, it is filled with screenshots too. It is titled "Administration Tools for Everybody" on the "Guru Guidance" column of the October edition, it is written by AEleen Frisch (mailto:aefrisch@lorentzian.com).
The first part of the article talks about Ximian GNOME and redcarpet. The second part talks about XST.
Quotes from the article regarding XST :
"The Ximian Setup Tools system update dialog illustrates the attention to attractive details that characterizes the entire Ximian GNOME environment"
"Although in a preliminarty state as of this writing, these applets are well designed and show great promise as aids to system administration."
"What impresses me most about this GUI administration utilities is that they seem better thought-out and planned than other packages of this type"
( I guess those discusions about the "small things" did pay off in the long run ;-) )
"In their current, preliminary state, the Ximian Setup Tools are useful and relatively bug-free"
"In addition, due to their high-quality design and applicability to a wide class of administrators, this pacakge is one that bears watching as time passes."
Contratulations to all on the XST team. It is really exciting to see that the work we've been doing in the lasts months is making good impressions.
continue kicking some ass,

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