Re: [Setup-tool-hackers] Display tool

> Display tool for XFree 4 is "ready" and needs some testing on other
> boxes than just RH 7.1 where it works nicely. I also modified the screen
> it shows when you test settings. At first the screen was built from
> little pieces (RH pieces), I tried to change that with one png file
> which gets rendered to right size. Any comments on that?

If you're going for realism (and I think you should), it's better with small
pieces. That way, things aren't scaled to sizes they can't technically be
made to assume, and you don't get misleading results of interpolation (you
get 1-pixel horizontal/vertical lines, not 0.5 pixel or 1.25 pixel

Change it to Ximian pieces, perhaps? After all, it's Ximian Setup Tools :)

I'm sorry I can't test the tool on anything but Redhat right now.

Hans Petter

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