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On 28 Apr 2002, Carlos Garnacho wrote:

> El sáb, 27-04-2002 a las 02:21, Arturo Espinosa Aldama escribió:
> > OK, there's an interesting problem here: every service has three
> > possibilities of action in any given runlevel: start, stop or do nothing.
> > How do you represent "do nothing" in this interface?
> >
> I think that you can't stop a service that is already stopped.
> Therefore, stop and do nothing are the same option.

Yeah, but the scripts don't know the state of the service. So, maybe you
want to keep networking in whatever state it may be when switching to
level 3. What do you put? Remember that you can switch runlevels at
run-time, and that SySV scripts support this "do nothing" feature, so we
don't want to lose that information. If we follow you approach, all "do
nothing" services will be converted to "stop", which is broken.

It works the way you say if you think that the scripts will only be run on
boot-time, when everything is stopped. But it doesn't hold because
run-time runlevel switching can happen.

> > Good improvement, anyways.
> Thanks
> > You should change the label of simple mode from "Level 2" to "Activation"
> > or something: the simple user doesn't care what level that is.
> You're right, I should do it, but I have not seen any way of changing
> the etspec at runtime...

I don't know either. Maybe Tambet knows. There must be a way.


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