Re: [Setup-tool-hackers] some thoughts on the shares tool

> I finally waited for the shares tool to finish loading, and have a
> couple of things to say.
> 1.  It takes a *looooooong* time for --get.  At *least* 5 minutes.
> Probably what it should do is start up only reading from /etc/fstab,
> and then have a "search for mounts" thing which goes and walks the
> network.

Yes. This should be doable by specifying --disable-immediate the first time.
I just added the backend test that skips the hard part if this is the case.

> 2.  Is there really a reason to split nfs and smb exports?  Shouldn't
> you just have 2 check boxes for each export:
>  [ ] Export via NFS
>  [ ] Export via SMB

I separated them since the security model they use (e.g. who gets to mount)
is different. This can probably be glossed over with a little more work. I
want them to have a uniform interface as much as you do (that was the
intention I started out with back then).

> It'd be nice if it showed host names for the ips it does stuff with :/

Definitely. Every host in the XML should be listed with a hostname and an IP,
so the frontend can group their shares accordingly (nice when a host has both
NFS and SMB shares). I've looked into this, and it requires some additional
[nmblookup smbclient /etc/hosts nslookup] trickery.

Hans Petter

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