[Setup-tool-hackers] about my commit

So I just committed some stuff to the common tool.c and .glade.

To the .glade, I made a common top level window.  It also now has a
help button.  Also, I made the reading / writing windows non-popup
since this is *really* annoying.  They cancel closing in their delete
event callback.

I added a couple of functions to tool.c:

void tool_set_complexity_func (UpdateComplexityFunc func);
void tool_set_xml_funcs (ToolXMLFunc to_gui, ToolXMLFunc to_xml);

These are basically signals:

The UpdateComplexityFunc gets called when the complexity changes, so
that the UI can update.

to_xml currently only gets called when the apply button is clicked.
to_gui currently does not get called.

All the tools have been update accordingly.

"Beware of bugs in the above code;  I have only 
 proved it correct, not tried it." -- D. Knuth

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