[Setup-tool-hackers] Report.


Past week followed as I did:

Fixed memory-admin. First, backend didn't use be_* functions much and tool
locations where hard-coded. Frontend had many little glitches, if You are
interested check out our brand new Changelog files :)

Finished rewriting users-admin frontend. I hope You'll like it as much as
I do :) If You don't then teach me :)

Installed Wavelan to my home. I really got special deal: All pieces at
dealer price, no monthly costs at all! That's what's friends are for! Now
I need only decent table, my monitor is on top of big box and keyboard is
on my laps :)

Got all my courage together and started learning emacs. All that lisp and
modes and thousands of key combinations.... Can someone send me sample
.emacs file I just can't use it if it's formats my C like he thinks is
the best (yes, I added 
(add-hook 'c-mode-common-hook (lambda () (c-set-style "linux")) ).


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